"Welcome to Elena Paige Books. I'm passionate about creating books for children and teens that aim to inspire and transform, while including a healthy does of magic and wonder. I believe that imagination is the key to changing the world. The books I write aim to be superbly creative and enticingly imaginative. There's no better way for children to learn about empathy, how to overcome life difficulties, and be emotionally resilient than with a great work of fiction." Elena Paige

EVIE EVERYDAY WITCH (Ideal for kids ages 7-11)

Evie 5 Books 3d

THE MAGICIANS (Perfect for kids ages 9+)

The Magicians Series

THE FAREN CHRONICLES (Perfect for kids ages 9+)

Faren Chronicles Covers together

TAKI & TOULA TIME TRAVELERS (Ideal for kids learning to read, ages 5-7)

Early Reader Perfect for Kids ages 5-7

HAPPY HEART RHYMES (Ideal for kids ages 4-9)

Positive Poetry for kids ages 4-9
2I love being different
1Ilove trying new things

MEDITATION ADVENTURES FOR KIDS (Perfect for kids ages 5-9)

Magic Adventures for the Mind, ideal for kids ages 4-9
thank you 3d
talking 3d
snail 3d
Bunyip 3d
kitchen 3d
superfood 3d
Collection 3d