A powerful way for children to master their emotions, feel safe, learn about friendship, be resilient, conquer stress and make positive life choices...

is through stories!


Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. Kids love the whimsical nature of following where Lolli takes them and learn things incidentally along the way. A fun and creative approach to mindfulness for children.

Parents, use these meditations to help increase your children's self-esteem, enhance your child's imagination and encourage positive thinking. Lolli's meditation adventures help kids to be happy and make great choices. Lolli helps kids with their emotions and feelings, guiding them to deal with anger, worry, and fear. Perfect for creating a wonderful sleep routine with your children.

Each book contains three story adventures which involve guided visualization and can very much change at the subconscious level how kids feel about themselves and the world.

There are 7 books in the series.


Lolli & the Lollipop

Includes three unique full length guided visualisations for children.

In Lolli and the Lollipop you are introduced to fun and adventurous Lolli from the Land of Color. She takes you to her land and you release all your fears and worries under the giant magical lollipops found there. Then you travel to a bright cave filled with the most exquisite crystals. There is one special crystal waiting for you.

In Lolli and the Polka-dot Undies Lolli invites you to the Land of Silly, but to get there you need to be wearing polka-dot undies! Don't worry - everyone else there is wearing them too. In Silly Land you get to play Throw the Egg at the Donkey helping to release all your built up anger. You won't stop giggling through this meditation. It's definitely a family favorite.

In Lolli and the New House, your return to the Land of Color and explore Lolli's house. Then you get to build your very own house next door. You can design and decorate it anyway you like. As you do you transform yourself - it is well known that metaphorically, a house represents the self. As you change your house, you change yourself. A great way to increase self esteem in an easy and fun way!

Three meditations cleverly crafted to heal and transform, whilst being incredibly fun and adventurous for kids. Creatively unique and fresh stories sure to delight.

"I've been reading these meditations with my 6 yo and 9 yo this week. The kids giggle! They love Lolli, the meditation guide, they think her name is hilarious (although my son is sure Lolli is a boy). The meditation/stories give the kids lots of opportunities to become imaginatively involved whilst the story lines are gentle enough to leave them happy and relaxed at bedtime. This is a beautiful book for kids and lots of fun to share with them."


Lolli & the Thank You Tree

LOLLI AND THE THANK YOU TREE includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Thank You Tree; Lolli and the Buddha Plant; and Lolli and the Purple Beetle Munchies.

In Lolli and the Thank You Tree, you need to get past the Naughty Snooties who love to tease anyone who crosses their path. You learn to stand up to these bullies. Along the way you find encouraging messages on colorful ribbons tied to the trees. When you meet the Thank You Tree you are showered with colorful healing balls of light.

In Lolli and the Buddha Plant, you rub the magical Buddha Plant's belly and ride a bubble through to the center of Earth. There you collect a special flower and bring it back to the Buddha Plant who rewards you with magical dust. Plus you meet your very own Guardian Angel.

In Lolli and the Purple Beetle Munchies, Lolli takes you to Munchie Land where there are all sorts of yummy and yucky things to eat. But you can't tell which is which. You need to trust yourself and learn to forgive yourself when you make a bad choice. If you are super lucky you might pick a Purple Beetle Munchie that not only tastes delicious but also grants you any wish!

Three fun and inspiring adventures with Lolli, whom children love and trust. Along the way, as well as giggling they learn all about themselves and life.

thank you tree audio


"My two children love Lolli's meditation adventures! They particularly love the way Lolli speaks in the audio version, and they find the polka-dot undies meditation hilarious. This book is a perfect beginner's guide to meditation; the instructions are very clear and unfailingly bring all these different magical worlds to life, creating a sense of peace and wonderment. I would highly recommend this innovative and charming book to all parents and children who struggle with bed time routine, suffer anxiety, or would simply like an introduction to the practice of meditation."


Lolli & the Talking Books

Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Talking Books; Lolli and the Chocolate Tree; and Lolli and the Wind Maze.

In Lolli and the Talking Books, Lolli takes you to the tallest clouds where books yet to be written are waiting. With the help of the Book Butterfly you begin creating a new book.

In Lolli and the Chocolate Tree you travel to Peru where you discover the secret Chocolate Land and save the Chocolate Tree from the mean armadillo named Spike.

In Lolli and the Wind Maze you face the North, South, East and West wind in the Wind Maze. Don't worry. With Lolli by your side you'll be safe. Plus in this book you meet Lolli's best friend Liquorice the very funny talking toucan bird that now comes along on all your adventures.

Once again a book so chock full of adventures, inspiring children to improve concentration, deal with anxiety and handle difficult emotions.

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"I love this book! The author gives heartfelt, funny, and adventurous guided meditations for children to help them deal with everyday life experiences. The journeys help with disappointments, encounters with bullies, imagination, gratitude, and safety, but with hilarious whispers of laughter and amusement. This book uniquely and skillfully speaks to children and the child in all of us." 


Lolli & the Meditating Snail

Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Meditating Snail; Lolli and the Food Fight; and Lolli and the Traveling Circus.

In Lolli and the Meditating Snail Lolli takes you to meet Fred the giant PURPLE meditating snail. Fred gives you a potion to make, so you can have excellent concentration and mind power just like him. But will you find all the ingredients needed to make the potion?

In Lolli and the Food Fight you get to have giant food fights of course, helping the sick children in the hospital at the same time and learning that being sick is a natural and normal part of life.

In Lolli and the Traveling Circus you visit the circus! But the performers are not what you expect. Learn not to be so greedy from the Manehune Fairies, overcome shyness from the dancing pythons and watch out for those singing Sirens!

This new installment of meditations promises to entertain whilst enhancing concentration and teaching about life.

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"JT (aged 11) has struggled to sleep, saying he sees bad things when he closes his eyes. We tried many meditations, hypnosis and music on You-tube with no luck. Then we tried Lolli's audio book. We found him fast asleep from listening to it. I came to put it on the next night with him excited. Yay Lolli! On the third night, I asked him what he thought of the meditations. "It's like a hypnosis, meditation and story all at the same time. It helps me to fall asleep. I like it a lot!" Thank you, Elena and Lolli." 


Lolli & the Bunyip

Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Bunyip; Lolli and the Lonely Star; and Lolli and the Treasure Map.

In Lolli & the Bunyip, you travel to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Australian outback. Whilst protecting the wallabies from the wild foxes, you chase a mysterious creature. Could it be a mythical Bunyip?

In Lolli & the Lonely Star you adventure to outer space, in fun astronaut gear of course! You meet a very lonely star and help it find new friends!

In Lolli & the Treasure Map, you return to the Land Color in search of Bluebeard the pirate's stolen treasure. But in order to find it the treasure, you need to go to Grubbity Forest which is full of dangerous clickety grubs. Will you manage to find the treasure?

Three new meditations certain to entertain and delight whilst also helping kids to concentrate better and believe in themselves along the way.

"I have been doing these (from Lolli and the Lollipop onwards) with our four-year-old son and we both absolutely love this fun imagination time together 🙂 He's even started to talk to Lolli as an individual and asks her questions and rushes off to get books to show her during the adventure. It's a really good age to do these adventures as our son loves using his imagination and stories so hopefully getting him introduced to concepts before they're a problem can help prepare the way for later." 


Lolli & the Magical Kitchen

Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Magical Kitchen; Lolli and the Rose Garden; and Lolli and the Blue-footed Boobies.

In Lolli & the Magical Kitchen, Lolli takes you to the Land of Color to Cooking Castle where you get cooking some fabulous bedtime treats.

In Lolli & the Rose Garden, you smell the many colorful roses in the fairies garden. Each rose you smell has a little surprise for you!

In Lolli & the Blue-footed Boobies, you visit the Galapagos Islands and help the blue-footed boobies to cheer up. Oh did I mention you have amazing superhero powers in this meditation? Well, you do!

Three new meditations certain to entertain and delight whilst also helping kids to concentrate better and believe in themselves along the way.

"My five year old daughter adores these meditations and Lolli. We read a meditation each night before my daughter falls asleep and I love asking her in the morning what she saw while adventuring with Lolli. It has given me a fun and sometimes surprising insight into her little mind. I have found it to be a really lovely and very special way to connect with her."


Lolli & the Superfood Quest

Lolli and the Superfood Quest, helps your child learn about healthy eating while trying to save the Land of Color from being destroyed. Someone is trying to stop Lolli and all of her friends.

Someone is trying to stop Lolli and all of her friends from saving the magical world. Who is it? And can all the ingredients be gathered in time to save the Land of Color?

Your child will enjoy this original, full-length guided meditation with a ton of adventure and a few surprises along the way!

"We just read the last one and the kids loved it (me too!). They called out, they answered everything. There were sharp intakes of breath. My daughter cheered at one point. And even my son (who is a reluctant eater) wants to try all the recipes!!!!!! Thank you!"



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