Lolli collage

Elena Paige loves creating stories which inspire and transform young readers. She writes from the heart and especially loves weaving magic into her books.

As a child, she thought magic was real and used to try to convince her teddy to come to life. Tired of waiting she now has a Moodle (dog) companion that rarely leaves her side.

Her greatest value in life is CREATIVITY - nurturing it, enhancing it and using it! She loves inspiring children through her school visits to believe in themselves and accept their own way of creating, even if it's outside the box! The most amazing creatives of our time rarely fitted in!

On Sunday mornings you can find her hiding under her doona cover reading, while her children are wondering where their favorite book has disappeared.

"It takes a certain mindset, gifted with compassion and humility to create books for children. Elena Paige stands among the selected few."

Tshombye K.Ware