Meet Elena Paige


I love hanging out with my kids! They are so adventurous and fun and see the world from a whole different perspective than grown-ups. I have two children who are now 13 and 11 years old and we have lots of fun together. (This is an old photo of when they were slightly younger, and please don't count how many candles are on my birthday cake!) 

I love encouraging them to be the best they can be and most importantly to have fun learning and creating. They are the ones that inspire me to write for this age group. We often talk about all the books I am planning and they nag me to hurry up and write them!



When I was a kid myself, what I spent most of my time doing was READING! I read mostly fantasy books, unless school made me read others! Even as an adult I tend to read mostly kids books! One day I realized that maybe I could write a story of my own. I think being a writer and storyteller is one of those things where I may never be perfect, but its the love of doing it that inspires and encourages me to keep going. Plus I love the messages I get from kids who love to read my books. It makes it all worthwhile.

Elena Paige1



I originally worked in the health and healing area and in the field of counseling psychology, which is why I created Lolli initially to help kids overcome their difficulties and think more positively.  However, as I've gone on the fiction writing journey I have discovered my own inner child, so I'm looking forward to also being simply entertaining with my writing! Of course, every story still has an underlying message, but the joy of spinning a good tale is now what inspires me most.