EPISODE 17: Say Goodbye to Badly Written Book Blurbs with Jessie Cunniffe

Welcome back to the show in 2023, and I have more incredibly informative, and inspirational interviews planned for you this year. Unfortunately I am still tackling some technical difficulties in my search for the perfect way to record interviews, but I will not give up until I get there. So in todays interview there were several glitches, but it was totally worth persevering as I learned so much from today’s guest. Without further ado, I was privileged to interview Jessie Cunniffe who is a professional book blurb writer and coach.

In this interview you’ll learn the secrets of salesworthy book blurbs and discover how to implement them in your own blurbs.

Jessie has generously offered 10% off her Book Blurb Magic course and all of her book blurb services with the code ELENAPAIGE – so get blurbed right now. 

Enjoy the show and learning all about book blurbs!



Jessie Cunniffe* is a professional blurb writer and book blurb coach from Sydney, Australia. A passionate advocate of the indie author community, Jessie has dedicated herself to taking the pain out of blurb-writing with her custom blurb-writing and critiquing services and two signature courses: Book Blurb Magic and The Spicy Blurb Playbook. When she’s not writing or dreaming up the next BBM product, Jessie can be found in high school classrooms with a guitar in hand, and has been a regular contributor to the arts pages of one of Australia’s most highly respected newspapers for the past decade. On the occasion that she manages to snatch some reading time, she’s probably buried in P. G. Wodehouse or Agatha Christie.

*Pronounced ‘k-NIFF’


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