EPISODE 16: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards with Edward Trayer

In today’s interview I overcame many technological difficulties and blocks to get the most amazing wisdom and advice from author Edward Trayer – it was well worth the many re-takes and effort involved. We got there in the end and talked about The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, a review and award service that was founded by Edward and today enjoys great success and helps authors become “award-winning.” The wonderful thing about this award is that your book is reviewed and/or judged by the age group you’ve written it for! As well as this we talk about how to write a book a child will truly enjoy and how to do school visits successfully and make them a big part of your marketing efforts. A brilliant interview from start to finish, enjoy today’s show.



Edward Trayer, writing under the pen name Billy Bob Buttons and Hickory Crowl, is the author of eighteen children, YA and adult books, including the 2014 UK People´s Book Prize Winner and UK bestseller, I Think I Murdered Miss. He is also the organiser of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

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Billy Bob Buttons on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/billybobbuttons

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