EPISODE 47: Marketing a chapter book to success with David Blaze

Todays interview is with indie author David Blaze.

David Blaze is the author of several highly imaginative children’s books, including the popular My Fox series (My Fox Ate My Homework, My Fox Ate My Cake, My Fox Ate My Alarm Clock, My Cat Ate My Homework, My Fox Begins). His goal is to create children’s books that are fun, hilarious, and honest for kids of all ages and from all backgrounds.



David is doing great with his chapter book’s on Amazon and here is his sage advice to other authors:

  • Know the mission of your book before you sit down to write it.
  • Make the first 10-15 pages of the book the best they can be, so when people use the “look inside” feature they love your book.
  • In the first chapter, present the main character, how they feel and how things happening are directly affecting them. This helps kids related to the character and hopefully buy the book.
  • Follow other authors you look up to.
  • You can attract reluctant readers to your book if you reach the kids on an emotional level, through topics like friendship and school issues.
  • Use Amazon ads. This helped David level up when it came to increasing sales substantially.
    • write original copy each time you make a new ad, rather than copying an old one.
    • he runs 22 ads at any one time, and prunes them daily
    • if he doesn’t sell a book in 15 clicks then usually the ad won’t perform any better
    • he uses 25-35 cent bids
    • KDP rocket is awesome for finding new keywords
    • the best success with keywords has been through finding keywords from Also Bought, and other author names and titles similar to his own
    • he advertises all his books even if they are in the same series
  • David recently started using Billboard advertising. It’s hard to measure how successful this approach is, but he measures the visitors on his website. He suggests using five words or less on the billboard and having a great image. Here is his billboard image below….
  • This and so much more in the interview.


You can find David and purchase his books at www.davidblazebooks.com , follow him on AMAZON, and get social with him on FACEBOOK.

Enjoy the show.




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