EPISODE 28: Workshop & Goal Setting – Lessons learned from episodes 22-27

Welcome to Episode 28 of the Indie Kidlit Podcast. On this episode Elena and Marti discuss their recent interviews (22 to 27), and what they’ve learned from the advice and experience provided. 

Here is a quick reminder of the last six interviews that Marti and Helen discuss in today’s show:

  1. Austin J. Bailey on using facebook advertising to sell middle-grade books
  2. Tara Ellis on how to win a Bookbub feature. Elena also mentions a great book on the topic – The Magic of Bookbub by Peter Ralph
  3. Kevin Tumlinson on using Draft2Digital to create your audio book
  4. Darcy Pattison on the benefits of publishing as a small press
  5. Crystal Swain-Bates on marketing and perseverance to create a best-seller
  6. And our very own Marti Dumas on how she sold over 50,000 books

Enjoy the show.



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