EPISODE 10: Successful joint author promotions with J. Philip Horne

Today’s interview is with indie author J. Philip Horne.

J. Philip Horne probably shouldn’t be alive. Born in Florida, he grew up overseas, for the most part, spending much of his childhood in Liberia and Micronesia. During those years, he experienced numerous attempts on his life. The wannabe killers included malaria, spinal meningitis, blood poisoning, a staph infection in his heel bone, a close encounter with a green mamba, and other cold-hearted foes.

From his earliest years, his parents read to him fantastical stories from wonderful worlds. Narnia and Middle Earth featured prominently, and had his youth been a generation later, he would have certainly encountered Hogwarts at a young age. Through his teen years he read stories by many other authors and experienced a host of new worlds.

After dabbling in writing for many years, he finally got serious and wrote his first novel in 2011. He has continued to write ever since. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, four children, two dogs, two rabbits, and several literary aspirations.


In this interview Jay covers:

  • How effective Twitter is for selling books versus connecting with other authors and key contacts in the publishing industry.
  • Using Author Facebook Groups to connect with authors in similar genres, and run joint promotions. Some key groups that were highlighted include Freebie Fridays, Instafreebie Promos, SFF Book Bonanza.
  • Running joint promotions for FREE books using INSTAFREEBIE. Find out how Jay runs them so effectively and helps authors gain so many new email subscribers.
  • How to connect with your audience by posting on social media at different times of the day.
  • Book pricing, promotions for paid books and using Pronoun as a new platform to publish e-books as well as pick better categories and keywords.

This is the first interview where we focus pretty heavily on the use of Instafreebie to gain new subscribers. Episode 11 and 12 will also be about Instafreebie as it is such an important tool for authors. 

You can find Jay at www.JPhilipHorne.com, follow him on AMAZON, and get social with him on FACEBOOK.