EPISODE 9: Advantages of selling on multiple platforms with Kevin Tumlinson

Today’s interview is with award-winning and bestselling author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital, Kevin Tumlinson.

Kevin has dozens of novels, novellas, and non-fiction books available and is producing more every day. He currently lives in Sugar Land, Texas, with his amazing wife Kara—though the two of them are actively working to downsize into an RV and travel full time while Kevin writes about all of it.

Kevin helps will-be authors start their book businesses through his weekly podcasts and through books like 30-Day Author.


Apart from his extraordinary writing talents and thirst to help fellow authors, Kevin is also known for his adventurous spirit. He and his wife recently sold their house and set off on a full-time RV adventure.

In this interview Kevin covers Draft2Digital in depth:

  • Draft2Digital is an aggregator publisher that helps authors get their books to all the major e-book retailers including Apple iBooks,  Kobo, Scribd, Barnes and Noble, 24 Symbols, Inktera and Tolino.
  • Using Draft2Digital for book distribution doesn’t cost any up-front fees. Instead, they take a small commission from book sales. This means that they are vested in your books selling. If you sell no books, they make no money.
  • It also provides an e-book conversion service. In under 10 minutes, it can take your word document and convert it into epub, Mobi and pdf files. And amazingly this is all totally FREE and you don’t need to use them for distribution in order to use this service. Incredible!
  • Being the amazing platform and service that it is Draft2Digital also provide a built-in service so that when you load your manuscript you can insert front and back matter such as copyright and even “also buys” leading readers to your next book in the series or other book titles.
  • And as if all that wasn’t enough, they also created Books2Read where you can create Universal Book Links (UBLs) for your books. This means you can have one link that can be used on your website or anywhere else such as in ads for example. The best part is when readers click on the link they can choose the retailer platform they prefer to buy their book on. In future when they click the link, it will remember their favorite platform. So super intuitive!
  • Last but not least we also touch upon the exceptional customer service at Draft2digital. If you have any problems or issues along the way you can contact them and be helped by a REAL person.

Kevin also talks extensively about the benefits of going wide and how to best approach it. He also touches upon permafree, how to get more sign ups for your newsletter and was just incredible in brainstorming ideas that kids book authors, in particular, can use to sell more books. Kevin also mentions a book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini. You can find it on AMAZON HERE.

You can find Kevin at www.KevinTumlinson.com, follow him on AMAZON, and get social with him on TWITTER.