EPISODE 5: How to Make Writing Easier with JJ Kahrs and Cetacean Writing App

Today’s interview is with writer and Cetacean app creator, JJ Kahrs.

Cetacean app lets you write online, safely backing up your work as you go, and more than that, it gives you the tools to brainstorm, outline, write and revise, all in the one place.

JJ Kahrs is a software engineer and owner of Blue Wizard Labs. He used his experience as a programmer and a writer to create Cetacean with the hope that it will help make the process of authoring easier for everyone. JJ is also the writer of the graphic novel “Pirates of Mars” that he created with artist Veronica Fish. When not coding or writing, JJ can be found indulging himself with video games, Dungeons & Dragons, or any other incredibly geeky pursuit.

Cetacean: https://cetacean.app
Pirates of Mars: https://bit.ly/3wO3QRc

In this podcast JJ talks all about the app and how he created it, as well as his own journey as a writer.  You’ll be inspired to get creating with less fear, connect with fellow creatives, and find the right tools to make your creative journey easier.

In the podcast we also talk about some amazing writing groups on Twitter with the hashtags #writerslife and #writerscommunity so go and check them out.

Enjoy the show!