Bonus Episode: Adopting a growth mindset with Elena Paige and Marti Dumas

On today’s show Marti and Elena discuss how to embrace a growth mindset in order to help the indie author journey be more enjoyable and successful. Elena has twenty years experience working as a counseling psychologist and offers much advice and support around how you can embrace a positive mindset.

Lots of golden nuggets of advice and discussion with some of the main points covered including:

  • Debunking the myth that it is impossible to be successful as an indie author writing for children!
  • Who you surround yourself with can influence your own thinking and attitudes.
  • The 100th monkey theory and the research of Rupert Sheldrake into morphic fields.
  • Adopting positive expectations – when you genuinely expect to make a full time living as an author then you are moving towards creating this as your reality.
  • Make conscious decisions about what you want your mindset to be rather than allowing your subconscious mind to choose for you.
  • Actively use techniques and methods available to change your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  • Elena discusses her morning journaling routine.
  • Don’t copy what you perceive to be positive mindsets of other successful people but instead find your own. Think, feel and believe the things that help you be an individual and that genuinely work for you.
  • The importance of acknowledging your negative beliefs and thoughts when they arise, so you can move past them and adopt more positive beliefs instead. Recognising your shadow is important.
  • Having a growth mindset means you challenge yourself; you take on the things that make you feel uncomfortable and are out of your comfort zone. You want your limiting beliefs to be revealed so you can change them.
  • Elena shares Catherine Ponder’s 12 mind powers for success: Life, Imagination, Power, Judgment, Understanding, Zeal, Elimination, Faith, Love, Order, Will and Strength.
  • Living the life you want now and using a vision board to help you identify what you really want.
  • When working on improving your own mindset try a variety of things and then measure your success to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep doing the things that work for you and are sustainable long term.
  • Improving your mindset is an ongoing thing because personal development is cyclical, not hierarchical. What this means is you don’t improve yourself once and it is done. Your old beliefs may appear to come up again and again because time is fractal, meaning things go around and around. So working on keeping your mindset growing means you commit to working on yourself regularly without judging your progress or comparing yourself to others.

Enjoy the show.




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