EPISODE 35: Workshop & Goal Setting – Lessons learned from episodes 29-34

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Indie Kidlit Podcast. On this episode Elena and Marti discuss their recent interviews (29 to 34), and what they’ve learned from the advice and experience provided. 

Here is a quick reminder of the last six interviews that Marti and Helen discuss in today’s show:

  1. Marti and Elena on setting SMART goals for 2018
  2. Bryan Cohen on crafting a best-selling book blurb
  3. Darcy Pattison on formatting picture books
  4. Clark Chamberlain on working with editors to create a book readers love
  5. Charnaie Gordon on what authors need to know about Instagram
  6. Pip Reid on using Pinterest to attract readers to your website

Enjoy the show.



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