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The Greatest Magician (The Magicians Prequel) - Paperback Edition

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A convention for magicians! Mages and illusionists casting spells and performing spectacular tricks! The perfect annual event for every magical family!

Except for someone like Jack Roberts.

His mother is The Great Linda, a woman who can’t die. His dad has the power to heal. His sister can bend people to her will. But Jack has no such magic up his sleeve. He’s about as ordinary as can be. In fact, the annual Magicians’ Convention is the very last place on Earth he wants to hang out.

Then Jack discovers there might be a way for him to gain magic after all. How far will Jack go in his desperate quest for magic? And who can he trust?

See where it all began in The Greatest Magician, a prequel following the adventures of young Jack and his family years before the events of The Magicians’ Convention.

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