The Greatest Magician (The Magicians Book 2) - Hardback Edition

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A secret convention. A magical hat. A race against the clock.

Twelve-year-old Toby is plunged into a world of magic when he wakes up to find his grandpa has been kidnapped by a talking panther.

Following the clues left behind Toby finds himself at the 999th Magicians’ Convention. Filled with mages, illusionists, and obstacles at every turn, Toby and his newfound friends, Thatch and Wesa, must find an ancient magical hat before an evil magician gets his hands on it first.

Failing will mean the death of those they love and threaten the world of magic. A world that might finally reveal the secret of who they really are.

Come on a magical adventure to discover The Magicians’ Convention, a middle-grade novel that will entertain and delight even the most reluctant of readers.

Ideal for kids ages 9+ and adults who love adventurous, page-turning fantasy stories.

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