Money Magic (Evie Everyday Witch Book 5) - Paperback Edition 8x5

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My name is Evie Everyday and I’m a witch. Instead of using money like regular people, we witches use magic to get everything we need. So when I decide to make my very own money like lamrons do (that’s normal spelled backward, get it?), everything in Wyndemere changes.

Making money will be easy. All I need to do is:

  • Keep my promise to my best friend Izzy and not use my magic
  • Find something I can sell
  • Use the gift of my new gold-spitting dragon
  • And convince the townspeople of Wyndemere to help me get rich

But when everything starts to go wrong, I’m forced to reveal to the entire town that I’m a witch. And worst of all, the only way to save the day is to turn myself into… a dragon!

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