HORMONE HARMONY: A daily ritual to reset your body’s glands and re-energize your hormones

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The sacred sound of ‘AHHH’ when chanted has the power to harmonize the glands and hormones within the body. When you chant the sacred ‘AHHH’ sound, the vibration of your own voice traveling through your water body brings about emotional balance and releases stagnation.

This meditation guides you through the 12 mind power centers of the body, balancing each to restore the following:

Divine Life; Divine Imagination; Divine Power; Divine Discernment; Divine Understanding; Divine Zeal; Divine Elimination; Divine Faith; Divine Love; Divine Order; Divine Will; and Divine Strength.

The balancing of these power centers, all of which are located at various points and glands throughout your body, will rebalance and reset your hormones energetically. The result will be more energy, vibrancy, and creativity.


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