Lollis Happy Hear Rhymes-REV

Lolli shares her wisdom and joy in these three new picture books of rhymes. Kids will laugh and learn what LOLLI LOVES.

The fun-filled rhymes are entertaining and the beautiful illustrations that go with each poem bring out the concepts clearly, helping kids to connect with the words. It's a good bedtime storybook and can also be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. It's a good way of teaching kids to look for positive things amid all the negativity surrounding them. The book not only teaches kids to be positive, but also helps to build their confidence, character, and language development. The different things children enjoy like sharing, feeling happy, and other emotions are relatable to readers.

Children can understand concepts, messages, and thoughts easily when narrated with the help of stories, rhymes, and illustrations. This book is a must-have in one's personal collection as it will encourage kids to look at the good things in life and also turn negatives into positives.


I Love Being Free is sure to entertain and enrich the imagination with 14 more Lolli rhymes about life and growing up, including....

I love every day
I love my friends
I love nature
I love animals
I love following my heart
I love being alone
I love daydreaming
I love learning
I love my feelings
I love telling the truth
I love hugs
I love me
I love adventures
I love being free

"I liked the way this book helped my daughter (7) think more deeply about life. We talked through the messages in each poem. A great resource for homeschoolers such as us, and we will definitely read the other two in the series."



Includes the following rhymes to inspire your child to see life from a fresh and new perspective....

I love having energy
I love magic
I love crying
I love teddy
I love saying sorry
I love sharing
I love thunder
I love drawing
I love flying hearts
I love believing in me
I love feeling happy
I love being creative
I love working
I love being different

"'Have you ever noticed it's so cool to be the same? And the cooler you are, the more likely you'll find fame.....But all I want is to be different, all I want its to be free. I don't care if I'm not popular so long as I am ME.' Character on the cover reminded me of my artist daughter with some wonderful, quirky illustrations inside, but it was in actuality the poetry that really drew me to the book with terrific themes of what it means to say I'm sorry, believing in oneself and 'magic' among others. A fun, original book with an active table of contents so you can enjoy any of the fourteen poems and associated artwork in any order you choose."



Fourteen more fun and inspiring rhyming rhymes by Lolli for you and the kids to enjoy. Includes...

I love peace
I love letting go
I love talking about me
I love helping others
I love being angry
I love growing
I love laughing
I love to play
I love holidays
I love homework
I love moving
I love my body
I love reading
I love trying new things

"I Love Trying New Things is a delightful book of children's poems, complete with gorgeous, quirky illustrations. It encourages children to look at their daily activities, likes and dislikes, and express their feelings, whether it be loving to play, laugh or help others, or loving talking about themselves or even being angry! In dealing with difficult emotions, such as anger and holding grudges, it encourages kids to acknowledge their feelings, and then to explore the lightness of letting go.

There is a wonderful poem about challenges of a growing body, and the one about homework got me and my kids laughing out loud. The rhymes flow beautifully and are a joy to read out loud."