Lolli & the Bunyip Now Available! - Elena Paige

Lolli & the Bunyip Now Available!

Hi Readers

Lolli & the Lollipop is now available for sale at the launch price of 99cents on Kindle only. You can also read for free if you are in Kindle Unlimited, and the paperback version is coming next week. Three new fun adventures for your kids: Lolli & the Bunyip; Lolli & the Lonely Star; and Lolli & the Treasure Map. The adventures get even more exciting! CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Here is what Faridah Nassozi (who rated it 5 stars for Readers’ Favorite) had to say:

“Lolli and the Bunyip by Elena Paige is another amazing book of adventures in the Lolli series. This time around, you will fight off wild cats in Australia with Liquorice, suit up in your astronaut gear for an adventure in space, and finally enjoy an adventure with Bluebeard the pirate. Imagine all the fun and excitement you will have along the way. You will get to team up with Liquorice in Australia to protect wallabies against the dangerous cats, with so many new and exciting discoveries about the area and its wildlife. Moreover, this is just the beginning of the fun in this 3-in-1 adventure.

Lolli and the Bunyip by Elena Paige is another worthy addition to Lolli’s adventures. The captivating tales will completely engage kids, draw them into Lolli’s Land of Color, and make them feel like they are really part of the adventure. The meditation style of narration that starts each adventure is so much fun and both adults and kids (readers and listeners) will have lots of fun with it. The vivid illustrations make these already amazing adventures come alive even more, enabling kids to imagine it all and be part of it all. The stories are fresh, exciting and fun, and have lots of good lessons for young readers to take away. Lolli and the Bunyip is an amazing read for kids, anytime, anywhere, and they will read the adventures over and over. The Lolli series will make an amazing addition to a child’s home or school library.”

I made this fun little video with my kids about the new book. The kids think the little girl at the beginning is CREEPY! What do you and your kids think? I’d love you to write back and let us know. Have fun watching it. I hope you enjoy reading the new book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!



NEW RELEASE – Lolli & the Bunyip from Elena Paige on Vimeo.