Introducing Taki & Toula Time Travelers

Oct 10, 2017

Taki & Toula had some problems being born, but they made it! I wrote this series early in 2017 and expected it to be released mid-year, but due to some delays, I’ve had to wait until now. Basically, I fired my original illustrator. Then had to hunt for a new one. It wasn’t easy. Here … Read more


The last two Lolli books….

May 18, 2017

Well, that’s it; the last of the Lolli books is now released. Last month I released Lolli and the Magical Kitchen. It was a hit with kids as they met Jimmy the Jamaican Giraffe – who makes bedtime fun! I so want a Jimmy soft toy!!!!       This month, the very last Meditation … Read more


Lolli & the Bunyip Now Available!

Mar 21, 2017

Hi Readers Lolli & the Lollipop is now available for sale at the launch price of 99cents on Kindle only. You can also read for free if you are in Kindle Unlimited, and the paperback version is coming next week. Three new fun adventures for your kids: Lolli & the Bunyip; Lolli & the Lonely … Read more


Is your child an EXTERNAL or INTERNAL processor?

Mar 6, 2017

Children and adults alike are either external or internal processors. External processors are people that often think and talk everything out loud. I’m definitely one of those and can often drive my husband crazy! Internal processors on the other hand need time alone to carefully think through situations or choices. So internal processors, process their feelings and … Read more



Jan 26, 2017

It’s summer here in Australia where I live. And today is Australia Day. The children are still on school holidays (or summer vacation as I know it’s called in some places) and my new book LOLLI & THE SUPERFOOD QUEST is due to the editor on Monday. I’m only half way done! Normally I would … Read more


A Few Minutes Of Your Time

Nov 10, 2016

BY ANNIE O’BRIEN Are you the type of parent who jumps in and tries to fix things for your child? How often do you catch yourself saying “You’re not listening to me?” Evidence suggests that children, (and adults  I suspect) respond in a much more positive way if you sit down and listen to them … Read more



Oct 21, 2016

Hello caring parents! It’s me Elena Paige today. I have been working really hard these past few months writing the next two books in the Meditation Adventures for Kids series. My own two children (now 10 and 12) are so helpful at helping me come up with the greatest fun and adventurous ideas to put … Read more


Emotional Intelligence Parenting Interview

Sep 1, 2016

Hi Everyone! I recently did an interview for a different podcast I run with ANNE HUBBARD about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE PARENTING, and given you are parents or caregivers I’m assuming, I knew you’d enjoy listening to it. So I have included it here as a link for you to listen to. There is some amazing information … Read more


The Motivation Equation: Understanding a Child’s Lack of Effort

Aug 12, 2016

Hi There A terrific article I thought worth sharing. Brilliant info! Elena xox The Motivation Equation: Understanding a Child’s Lack of Effort by Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. Child therapists often hear, “He’s not motivated. All he wants to do is watch television or play video games.” Parents urgently ask, “Why doesn’t he put more effort into … Read more


Why Boredom Is Good For Your Child

Jul 1, 2016

Hi There Today I’m sharing a post from Dr Laura Markham that I loved, and really helped me see boredom in a new way with my own children, so thought I would share…..   BY DR LAURA MARKHAM “Mom, I’m bored.” Makes you feel put on the spot, right? You might even feel like … Read more


Lolli’s Happy Heart Rhymes

Jun 15, 2016

Hi There! Lolli’s Happy Heart Rhymes 3 book series has been released this week on Amazon. Here are the links: I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT I LOVE BEING FREE I LOVE TRYING NEW THINGS BOX SET They are picture books written for kids aged 4-9 years old. They get kids thinking about every day life, resilience, emotions … Read more


What Parents Need To Know About ANTS

Jun 8, 2016

THIS ARTICLE IS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE Child Anxiety and The Effect of Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) Automatic negative thoughts often cause child anxiety, and the effects it can have can be devastating, leading to problems even as they reach adulthood.  It is known that many children who are affected by ANTS live … Read more