May 2021 - Elena Paige

EPISODE 5: Inject Strategy Into Your Creative Project with Kelly Irving

This weeks interview is with Book Coach, Kelly Irving.

Kelly Irving helps change makers author work that matters and makes an impact. As a bestselling-book coach, editor, and creator of The Expert Author Academy she nurtures writers from idea to implementation, with camaraderie and (firm but friendly) butt-kicking built into every step. Her work results in industry book awards and major publisher deals (she has never had a book pitch rejected), but most importantly, it empowers authors to produce work that enriches both their life and others.

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EPISODE 4: Sustaining a Regular Creative Practice with Ffion Evans

Today’s interview is with Ffion Evans, a freelance graphics designer, artist and illustrator based in Germany.

After a many year creative slump she joined the Making Art Everyday Challenge in January 2019 and has been drawing every single day since, developing her quirky, fun and colourful artstyle. She loves sharing lessons learned, thoughts about the creative process and words of encouragement for fellow creatives on her Instagram and blog. She has made it her mission to de-mystify and de-romanticize the creative process and be super honest about what actually goes into building and sustaining a regular creative practice as well as the ups and downs that come with it.
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EPISODE 3: Discover Your Creative WHY with Erin Everleigh

Today’s interview is with Erin Everleigh, mama, dentist, author, and founder of Wordsmithers Academy. Her goal is to inspire others to follow their passions and live their best lives. In this interview Erin talks about how to find happiness in your creative passions, and how knowing your “why” helps you create art that matters.

Erin says:

“Over the years, my need to be creative has taken me in different directions, and eight years ago my passion for creativity led me to writing. I love getting lost in my imagination and creating new worlds. Most of all, I love the opportunities that being an author has given me.

“I have had the privilege of visiting numerous schools for author-talks and book fairs. I’ve spoken to students about being an author – while also being a dentist – and the importance of following your passions. The best parts of those days were when students would approach me and talk about the stories they had written or were in the process of writing. Their excitement and pride made my heart feel so full.

“I founded WordSmithers Academy with the hope of inspiring young writers to follow their dreams of becoming authors and to foster and encourage the imagination and creativity of our youth. 

“A favourite quote of mine is from Brené Brown, “Unused creativity is not benign.” It is the answer to a question I’m frequently asked – “How do you do it? How do you find the time to write/ teach/craft/create…?” – Embracing my creativity allows me to live an authentic and fulfilling life.”


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